FUTURO is an inclusive organization committed to creating equitable opportunities in education, our communities, and the workplace. We strive to enhance the quality of life for the underserved and underrepresented in our communities through education, leadership training, service, strong partner networks, and civic engagement.

FUTURO Programs

FUTURO gives you access to the skills, resources, and opportunities that will help you succeed in school and your future career. Plus, don’t forget, there’s the familia—a community of peers, mentors and alumni ready to support you. We know that one of the greatest predictors of students staying and completing college is engagement. That’s right. Just showing up and taking part (maybe even having a little fun while you’re at it) in something like FUTURO can change the trajectory of your life. Our goal for every student — that means you, too — is to see them leave college with a degree in one hand and a job offer in the other. The best part? All FUTURO student programs are free, and there is no fee to join FUTURO.

01 FUTURO Select 100

FUTURO Select 100

The race to 100 is on! The FUTURO Select 100 program challenges you to earn 100 points across five development-centric categories, including:

  • Campus engagement
  • FUTURO engagement
  • Community service
  • Professional development
  • Networking

Earn points and rewards for activities like attending a FUTURO Leadership Conference, creating a resume, updating your LinkedIn profile, applying for internships, or becoming a FUTURO chapter officer.

Students who collect all 100 points earn FUTURO Select 100 status, earning themselves a featured spot for consideration among partner organizations committed to hiring FUTURO members and alumni.

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02 Fast Track Program

Fast Track Program

Between school, work, and family commitments, it can feel impossible to find time to work on the personal and professional development skills you need most to succeed in college, and later, a career. We get it. That’s why we created the FUTURO Fast Track Program.  

The FUTURO Fast Track Program is an accelerated, 8-week course that prepares you for the college-to-career transition. Over the 8-week program, you’ll develop a greater understanding of the workforce through weekly guest speakers, mentorship support,  guided exercises, and thoughtful discussion.

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03 Leadership Conferences

Leadership Conferences

Twice a year, FUTURO hosts the ultimate familia event: the Spring and Fall Leadership Conferences. Get together with all your favorite FUTURO friends for a day filled with skills training and inspiring talks from local community leaders and FUTURO alumni, opportunities to rub elbows and network with industry professionals, and of course, eat, connect, and have fun. These are two days you don’t want to miss!

“FUTURO’s Leadership Conferences are an opportunity for me to meet other professionals who look like me, doing the jobs that I dream about. It’s also an opportunity to gain the necessary skills to be an outstanding professional.” -Diana Medina
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04 Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

Our organization focuses on youth voter engagement, encouraging them to “Get Out The Vote.” As a community, we understand that inequities exist among voters, particularly those who identify as BIPOC. 80% of FUTURO students identify as Hispanic/Latine, many of whom have experienced the impacts of such inequities. 

FUTURO emphasizes civic engagement in many ways, including through social media advocacy and partnering with organizations that allow FUTURO students to become engaged within their communities. This can look like volunteering at voter registration events, writing voter postcards encouraging people eligible to vote to use their voices, going to the state capital, and speaking to senators and representatives about current issues impacting their communities. We believe that our students learn and apply their leadership skills and experience through acts of service and civic engagement.

We encourage all to participate in civic engagement- EVERYONE’S VOICE MATTERS!

FUTURO is a familia. Be sure to register to vote, and share the importance of voting; elections affect everyone in the familia.

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"Familia" is everything

Career Opportunities

FUTURO helps you learn the skills to get the job or career of your dreams. We work with with students who are learning how to become career professionals and teach them how to be leaders. We are well connected with companies, organizations, and alumni who form a strong network invested your professional development and career growth.

Job Opportunities