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All FUTURO programming for students is free of charge thanks to our amazing sponsors!

"FUTURO has shown me that I can be a leader, even when I didn't believe it myself. It has given me the confidence and skills to step up and make a real difference in my community."
- FUTURO Student Sabrina Alfaro

With over 80% of our members identifying as Hispanic or Latino...

...FUTURO partners with Advisors, Student Life, Academic Affairs, Career Services, and Diversity Affairs on campus. In addition, FUTURO creates lifelong bonds within peer groups, extending our sense of community and familia on campus. Our student officers are encouraged to become leaders of their chapters. Each semester campus leaders participate in leadership development. With the support of our Executive Board, Employer Advisory Board, Community Leaders, and Advisors, students connect with professionals during our leadership day, workshops, seminars, or conferences.

FUTURO is the Spanish word for “future” because we intentionally work to make students’ dreams a reality.

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The Employer Advisory Board (EAB) is a community of employers, community organizations, and leaders who support FUTURO’s mission to provide professional development opportunities for our students, members, and alumni. The EAB also affords employers the chance to recruit in a way that is both targeted and culturally relevant. With over 80% of our members identifying as Hispanic or Latino, Employers have an opportunity to recruit diverse talent who have been actively engaged and working towards their professional development and leadership skills through our FUTURO Select 100 Program.

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EAB member benefits include:


  • Share employment and internship opportunities with FUTURO students and alumni


  • Raise your visibility with our campus chapters


  • Build relationships with other employers, campus advisors and students

Engagement Opportunities

  • Your organization can engage and shape future leaders


  • Contribute to future services and programs offered by FUTURO


  • Engage with events and content about recruitment and engagement strategies from our network of organizations

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