Day 4 - Leadership Retreat in Puerto Rico

Day 4 - Leadership Retreat in Puerto Rico


Day 4 Leadership Retreat - Puerto Rico

Written by: Chris Baños

May 23rd, 2023

Waking up on a Wednesday morning, getting ready to go on the boat to go to the island. Heading outside towards the car, it started to rain and we did not think that the boat to the island was going to cancel. Heading to the destination for the boat, the rain started to get stronger and stronger. 

Stormy Day in Puerto Rico

When we arrived Ms. Novo went to ask about the boat and they said that they canceled the reservation due to the rain. Heading back we went tot the store called Ralphs to get the items for dinner. We headed back to the AirBNB and settled. We all rested when we got back and the rest felt good.

Hammock on the Balcony of our AirBnB

We pivoted what we were going to do that day and started doing our presentations for professional development. All of us had a topic to talk about from operations to project management to stress to becoming an effective leader. We all learned a lot from each other about the topics because I learned from my colleagues about topics I already knew information about in a different form. When we all finished with our presentations, we continued with a discussion and reflective dialogue which is a sort of guided focus group to get more information about our experience as FUTURO students. 

After the discussion we started making dinner and the dinner consisted of carne asada with salsa and roasted mushrooms and asparagus with the addition of rice and beans. We did the carne asada on the rooftop of the airbnb and the night felt nice. After dinner we cleaned up the kitchen and items and played trivia. After trivia we called it a night and to get ready for tomorrow which was the trip to the island. 

"Familia" is everything

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