Day 3 - Leadership Retreat Puerto Rico

Day 3 - Leadership Retreat Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico Leadership Retreat Blog Post

Written by Samuel Perez

Sam Enjoying the Rainforest Air! El Yunque National Rainforest, Puerto Rico

This is the 3rd day of our wonderful trip to Puerto Rico, this was our first morning in the Airbnb in Naguabo, I woke up in a great mood and enjoyed my well-needed rest.  We made breakfast to start off the day, we decided to make pancakes, eggs, Bacon, and potatoes, the food was amazing, and we all pitched in to make the breakfast.

We were getting ready to go to the Yunque National Rainforest, we all get dressed and left the apartment around 11 am. It was a  rainy day but going to the rainforest felt so amazing, the drive going through the trees and seeing the beautiful sites. Our first stop was this huge tower called Yokahú Observation Tower we got to go inside and go upstairs all the way to the top, and got to see an awesome view of the rain for the first hike.

Yokahú Observation Tower, El Yunque National Rainforest

The first hike was 5 mins long, it was a  little slippery but got to see a cool waterfall in the end. Diana, Kavya, and Ms.Novo got to go in the water and enjoy the cool waterfall. Chris, Nate, and I just chilled at the top of the waterfall and enjoy the view.

At the top of the Tower overlooking the forest
Baño Grande

The second part we visited was one of the first pools they made in the rain forest which is called a "Baño Grande" but was abandoned and also a cool bridge around a lake which was a cool view to see.

5 min slippery hike!
El Yunque National Rain Forest
Sam, Diana, and Chris waving to the Tower!

           We went to the grocery store after the rainforest to pick up the groceries we needed for dinner later that night. We went back home and decided to make a carne asada, with rice, beans, and pico de gallo, we all pitched in to make the meal, Diana made the beans and rice, Chris made the salsa, and Nate made the pico de gallo and helped with the meat, I helped around when they needed help since I don’t know how to cook(Will soon Learn). After the excellent meal we had, I took a shower and get ready to go to bed. That was the end of day 3 and ready to begin all of the fun activities day 4 has to offer.

Delicious Dinner made by the Group!

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